Below are excerpts of letters and cards we've received from satisfied customers

All I can say is "wow"! Donna is THE best dog trainer I have ever worked with! She has helped me so much with training my furry baby Hershey and me. :-) Donna had a solution for any behavior issues that occurred. And her 12 week training program is the best! Hershey and I are deeply grateful!!

Thanks - Cynthia & Hershey

Just wanted to thank you for the whole training experience - both for Latte and for me! I'm convinced that the real training has to go to the owner!

The experience was very positive and I wouldn't hesistate to recommend you to my friends who get new dogs. Let me know if I can ever act as a reference for you.

Warm regards - Janet & Latte

Kaycee has been doing SO GOOD with heel lately! I am SO PROUD of her and I know you will be too! :-) I just want you to know how much you have changed our lives. When I first started training with you, I was at my wits end with Kaycee and she was so demanding. I knew I loved her and I would never give her up, but I didn't know how I was going to handle her alone. Then you came along and changed all that. I enjoy her so much more now and she seems like an even happier dog than she was before - which I didn't think was even possible! She is such the love of my life and I thank you for helping me learn that I can be the leader and still be Mommy and she will love me even more than if I let her walk all over me. The skills I've learned with you are beyond valuable to me and to Kaycee. Thank you - you definitely have a gift for this profession!

Wendy & Kaycee

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, patience, and understanding! You have changed my relationship with Hank forever! We look forward to great experiences. You have been an excellent teacher and friend to both Hank and I. You have a special gift!

Love - Amy & Hank

It has been so nice working with you. Thanks to your knowledge and caring Dugan is going to be a joy as our pet and a real good neighbor to others. We will gladly recommend you to anyone who asks.

Thanks again - Joan, Rick & Dugan

Dear Prospective Client:

I am writing this unsolicited letter as a commendation for Educating Rover's incredible program. My wife, Angela and I are extremely pleased with the incredible value and professionalism that we have received from Donna, Educating Rover's Owner.

Three months ago, our two dogs, Sebastian & Dante, were becoming more trouble than pleasure. Their problems were almost immediately erased with the effective and non-aggressive techniques that Donna trained us with. We now have a balanced and enjoyable household with two incredible dogs thanks to Donna.

Educating Rover should be seen as a family investment. I would recommend their services to any dog owner; especially those looking to create a balance and harmony in their home. I assure you that this is the best money that my wife and I have spent.

Thank you again Donna for all your help. Angela & I wish you the absolute best with your future endeavors. I sincerely look forward to sending you all the business we possibly can so that our friends and family can have the experience that we have encountered with Educating Rover.

Sincerest Regards,

Jeffrey T. White

Thank you for working with us. If it had not been for your training, Doree would be living somewhere else today. You really saved us both.

Pat & Doree

You are an excellent trainer. You had no small part in getting Rocketman to be a very good boy. You really instilled the basics for us. He even remembers the hands signals and I had not used them for a couple of years. I strongly believe without the foundation we had from you, we wouldn't be competing (in Rally Obedience & Agility) today.

Thank you so much - Dorothy & Rocketman

Just wanted to let you know how well Megan is doing. I am so proud of her and so thankful to you for your training.

Megan and I have gone for lots of walks and she's always so obedient. She's a real pleasure to be with.  I really don't have to say much to her when we're out, she knows what to do.

Again, thanks for being such a great teacher. Wish every Rottweiler parent had you!

Sandra & Megan

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you have done for us, and Gibson as well.  I never thought I would see the day that he would mind us, and as a result of your training, he is much better behaved.  So much so, we have decided to add to our family and get a playmate for Gibson.

I never thought anyone would be able to train him, as you know he is so spoiled. Well, now the basic portion of the course is concluded, I intend to have you return in the near future to continue on with the advanced course shortly after the arrival of our new girl.

Again, thank you for everything you have accomplished with Gibson, and the education you have provided us with as well.

Thank you so very much - Matthew, Kathey & Gibson

We just wanted to thank you again for all you did for us. I know it is the owners who got trained, the dog just does what he is told!  It is such a pleasure to "walk" with our dog instead of having him pull us down the street.

We will miss your weekly visits, but you will not be forgotten.  We will think of you as we continue our daily training on walks, and "place" is the best thing he ever learned. Buck is especially thankful to you for the discovery of Pupperoni's. His life will never be the same!

We look forward to seeing you in the park someday, or maybe we might run into you at the pet store, because we can now visit there safely!  If a new client ever wants to speak to someone who has been thru your program, please give them my number.  I would be glad to relay our most wonderful experience.

Thank you again for helping us with all of our problems, and saving our pet/owner relationship.

Forever grateful - Chuck, Marcia & Buck

Thanks for the fabulous training that you gave Missy. She absolutely loved her training sessions, and of course you too!

Thanks again - Debra & Missy

Heidi and I are so glad that we chose you for our personal trainer. She's doing great!

Thanks again for all that you taught BOTH of us.

Thinking of you - Sandy & Heidi

We are writing to thank you for the wonderful job you have done in helping us with our basenji's fear aggression. You helped us to understand his problem and gave us a clear and comprehensive plan to treat the problem. One thing we especially appreciate is the time you took to give us a written therapy plan. This way we can review the plan periodically even after the training is completed.

Your weekly training sessions taught us how to train Simba, and you were readily available when we had questions about specific day-to-day problems.  We are grateful for your expertise, both as an obedience trainer, and as an animal behaviorist. We also appreciate your compassion for the dogs themselves. Your training methods are very balanced and humane. Thanks also for your patience with us, the human part of the equation.

Thanks again for everything.  Sincerely - Leslie, Dwight, Emily & Simba


Just wanted to thank you for the increase in my social life!!  I now have a regular date at the park with a chocolate lab - we walk with our mom's on our leashes.  I also get to go to the pet store at least once a month now.  I love to strut through there and look at all the misbehaved dogs!  If only they could meet you!

Last week an unleashed dog ran up to us and I was so calm.  My mom freaked out, but I sat and stayed as she gave me the commands. I just can't thank you enough for helping to bring out the absolute best in me.

I miss seeing you, but know that you are busy helping others to be good dogs.

Thank you again and again.  Love - Buck

Thank you for helping me learn to obey. You sure make training fun and yummy!!  You also helped my mom a lot. We both thank you!

Love - Jake

Harley and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for teaching us both how to behave.

To all your future clients, let me just say that is was a pleasure to have you work with us.  You were absolutely great to Harley, and Molly too even though she wasn't being trained.  They both loved you and that was very important to me and I felt that you had a real affinity with animals and most of all I felt very confident in your ability to teach Harley to behave.

Thanks for turning Harley into a well-mannered canine.

Sincerely - Lisa & Harley

Now that Sam "the terror" has graduated and is no longer the terror but only a Jack Russell Terrier, I would like to send you a note of thanks.

You had patience training us to train Sam.  You also showed us that you could quite easily make Sam do what was required.  That gave us the confidence to try it ourselves, as we had to do.

Sincerely - Ann, Ted & Sam

Leo is doing great!  We are keeping up with daily training. We have seen such an incredible change in Leo.  He is now proudly, the best behaved "furry child" of the family.

Stavria & Leo

Buddy is getting better by the day.  We use our commands daily.  His "heel" has been great!  My favorite still is "place".  We use that all the time.

Still appreciate you very much!  I tell everyone about you!

Debbie & Buddy

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