Are you having problems with your dog in any of the following areas?
  •  Housebreaking
  •  Jumping up on people and things
  •  Excessive barking
  •  Chewing
  •  Play biting
  •  Pulling on the leash when walking
  •  Running out the door when you open it
  •  Digging
  •  Getting into the garbage


Problem Solving for minor behavior problems (such as those listed above, as well as many others) is included in our Basic Obedience program. We will teach you how to understand your dog's behavior, so you can learn why he continues to do these things even though you have told him "no" a hundred times. Together, we will reshape your pet's behavior so he can be enjoyed by friends and family, both at home and in public.  And the best part is - your dog will be happier too!
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