Our Basic Obedience (on leash) program will teach your dog to listen to you and to obey basic commands.  In addition, you will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog, both verbally and through hand signals.  We will also help you with minor behavioral problems as a part of basic obedience.   For more information take a look at the Problem Solving section of this web site.

We use a reward-based approach which is designed to motivate your dog to want to please you.   We work together with you in teaching your dog to:

  • Enjoy training and want to learn
  • Recognize you as his leader
  • Listen to you regardless of distractions

In Basic Obedience your dog will learn the following commands:

COME, SIT, DOWN, SIT-UP, STAY, FINISH (your dog moves to your left side to get ready for the heel command), HEEL, and PLACE (your dog goes to the area you point to, lies down, and stays there until you release him).

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